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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide the inflatables?

No, we do not provide the crafts. Please ensure you turn up to the event prepared with a float and pump if required.

What type of inflatables or crafts are suitable for this event?

If it is safe and suitable we don't mind what you bringing. Please ensure it is big enough to sit the required amount of people on comfortably for a couple of hours or you may get wet. Over the past couple of years we have seen swimming pools, flamingos, giant ducks and pizza slices. If you have something in mind I expect it has already been done, so check out pictures out on Facebook.

What are the age restrictions for the float?

Our current age restriction states that anyone 12 years old or over may partcipate. This is stipulated by our insurance company and other agencies we work with. Please ensure if you are under the age of 18 or supervising an individual under the age of 18, that they are wearing a bouyancy aid which has been fitted accordingly and tried before the event.

What additional equipment should I bring?

Bouyany aids, change of clothes, sensible shoes, paddles, dry bags/ phone case, food and drink (no alcohol), sun cream and hat.

Are there toilets within the events area?

Yes, which are suitable for disabled guests and wheelchair users. However, there will be no toilet facilities along the inflatable route so bare that in mind. We are looking at placing a couple of portable toilets at the finish point, which will depend on permissions etc.

Is there on site camping facilities?

The answer is yes, however this is depending on COVID-19 guidelines which are set out by the UK government. More information will be added at a later date.

Can you purchase tickets on the day of the event?

We highhly recommend that tickets are purchased well in advanced to avoid disappointment. Tickets will be limited due to social distancing measures and they most certainly sell out fast.

How long does the float take?

We have seen people at past events complete it in around 1.5- 3 hours. But, please allow up to 3 hours.

Do I need to walk back from the finish point?

No, we provide a shuttle bus service. However, if you wish to walk back in the sunshine you can. The route will not be marked, so please ensure you have a map or a mobile phone for directions. Walking back may take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Can I bring alcohol?

The answer is NO!

Is there changing rooms & locker facilities?

No not currently. However, we are looking to improve this matter for future years.